Hannah Barlow - Photographer Headshot

A little about me...

I'm Hannah!  I'm the owner and photographer for Hannah Barlow Photography, LLC!  I am a former registered nurse turned stay-at-home mom and photographer!! I turned my love and passion for photography into a thriving business.  When I left the nursing profession, I missed meeting and being with new people!  It sounds cliche, but I generally missed helping people.  Photography filled that void.  I couldn't be happier knowing I'm still making a difference in peoples' lives simply by caputruing their memories in a fun and memorable way!

My absolute love and passion is wedding photography.  There is just something so special about capturing the genuine love between two people.  That love is what drives me.  It makes me crave beautiful images that display the authentic moments that represent two people's love story.  I strive to capture, process, and show that tale through my photographs.  I want my viewers to feel like they were there when I pressed the shutter button!

I have taken many photography classes to perfect my art but I've most loved the classes geared specifically toward posing couples and photographing weddings!  I've found my voice and you'll notice my style is more relaxed and candid.  I strive to give my clients exactly what they want within my style!  I call myself a "reactive photographer".  Couple's can't fake love and interaction.  It's already there.  I just pick a beautiful location and tweak their posing to make it look perfect in front of the camera.  As  a wedding photographer, I must use my strong skills as an observer and speed to catch those moments that happen fast and are gone in a flash.  You'll notice my portfolios are filled with images of couples walking, dancing, and smiling.  While I may initially pose them to get things started, I let the true story and their personalities unfold naturally.  It's at that point when I see something honest happen I press the shutter and capture the moment.  I react to what's happening!  The result is a set of timeless images that will last a lifetime!