Happy 14 Years to Us!

Anyone who is a photographer knows the frustration of having all these beautiful family pictures on your hard drive and none of them are of your own family.  It's a real struggle to get your own family pictures when you're the one who needs to be behind the camera.  Not only does it seem silly to hire someone to do them for you when you have your own equipment, but it's especially hard in my area to find a photographer whose style meets my own.  So, a couple times a year, I drag out my camera, my tripod, and my not-so-willing husband and attempt to take some family photos (or in this case...couple photos).  

This January marked 14 years since my husband and I first went out on a date back in high school.  We haven't had "good" pictures taken since our engagement in 2007.  It was time.  It was a cool 25 degrees this day, so I made due with what we had.  Although they aren't perfect, I'm pretty pleased with the end result.  A tripod and a remote can only do so much and we had some really good laughs getting these taken.

 Engagement Picture 1
 Engagement Picture 2

Sometimes it's just so hard to decide which one I like more....the color or the black and white?!

 Engagement Picture 3

....and, of course, an outtake.  It ended up being one of my favorites, because this is so "us".

 Engagement Picture 4

So, happy 14 years of being together!  Here's to many, many more!