I really have the BeSt friends! Chad & Tiff

Seriously.  I really have a great group of friends.  I decided to run a Valentine's Day special this year, but really needed some examples of a wintery, snowy, couple's shoot.  I called up some friends and BOOM....beautiful models and pictures.  I'd like to note that we got 6-8 inches of snow the night before this shoot and Tiff and I were texting all morning trying to decide if the 1 whole mile drive between our houses would even be possible.  Luckily, the plow trucks came through, Chad made it safely to our house, and we took some great pictures.  Enjoy!

 Engagement Photo 1
 Engagement Photo 2
 Engagement Picture 3

And now I'm off to get ready for a photo shoot tomorrow with this couple's brother and sister in law!  Those photos to come!  I love my friends!  Thank you both!

If you're interested in a Valentine's Day gift certificate, contact me!  I'll be running the special soon!  Photos don't necessarily have to be done in the snow for you summer lovers!