Someone is Turning ONE! Happy Birthday, N.J.D.!

This little man is turning one!  He's the cutest thing ever!  I am a real sucker for little kids with lots of beautiful, full hair because both of my children were pretty bald as young children.  I also can't get enough of this little one's eyes.  They really pop out of the picture and the blue isn't just your everyday blue eye.  As his mom says, "he's stingy with his smiles", but I think he might just be destined to be a model because his "serious" face works!  I am so glad it was a nice, warm day in February so we could take these outside.  He's destined to  be a nature boy in his family!

 Children's Photography Wellsburg, WV

The first thing he did when we sat him down was grab a handful of dirt!  It was too cute to photoshop out!

 Portrait and Lifestyle Photography Wellsburg, WV

At one year old he's already got the modeling pose down pat!

 Wellsburg, WV Photographer

I don't like to put children's names on my public blog.  No one wants to be "Google-able" when they get to high school! :-)  His name was in that brown block that you see below.  I just thought this photo was too cute not to share though!  I love doing first birthdays!  I also do this for my children every 6 months.  It's a nice way to keep track of milestones in addition to those time consuming baby books!

 First Birthday Photography Wellsburg, WV

We also snuck in a few Easter photos.  This one was my favorite!

 Easter Photos Wellsburg, WV Photographer