Finding the Light & Creating a Fairytale!

Recently, I've taken a few breakout classes that have really inspired me to start finding the light. Actually, if I'm being honest, I'm becoming a bit obsessed with using light to help create these fairytale-like photographs.  I find that there is just something so magical about dressing little ones up, letting them do their thing, and capturing these very honest, innocent moments.  I'm also very lucky this little girl is so willing to be my model.  She's a great sport!  My plan is to reach out and do quite a few sessions like this one.  If you're interested, check out my Imaginative Children's Session options.  I'd love to put some more pictures like this on my computer and yours!

 Wellsburg, WV Children's Photograph

A few people have already asked about the dress that she is wearing.  So, if you are wondering too, it's actually my dress!  I added the sweater, crown, and white scarf to create this ensemble.  Here's an image of me wearing the same dress back in 2008 while on my honeymoon (don't mind the quality - it's an old point and shoot image) .  So neat though, huh?!