Impromptu Indoor Easter Shoot!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I take thousands of pictures of my children because I never go far from my camera.  That means, if you come to my house, you're likely to go home with some pictures because your kids will end up in my frame at one point or another!  Here's some pictures of our cousins who came for a play date last Saturday.

It was a real bummer when we decided to try for these Easter pictures and it rained. And it was really cold....Boooooooooo mother nature! BOO! What the heck happened to our 60+ degree days?!  I really try to avoid shooting inside if I can, but we really didn't have a choice in the matter this day.  Nonetheless, we made it work and they turned out super cute!  (It also ended up being a phenomenal play date with 6 children total, so it really was a win all the way around!).  Enjoy!

 Children's photography Wellsburg, WV
 Wellsburg, WV Photographer

I had one teeny window that was providing some natural light.  See the shadow in the bottom right hand picture?  Yep....Erin was standing in front of that window! HA! :-)  It was still such a cute picture, so I couldn't throw it out over that shadow.  So, photographer friends, don't be too harsh! Thanks! :-) :-)

 Wellsburg, WV Photographer