A Little, Sleepy Girl in Pink -Newborn

I went to visit this little one again.  She's now 10 days old!  The difference is amazing!  She has little, chubby cheeks now and opened her eyes up to take a real good look at me.  It's a good thing.  I expect to be spending lots of time with her, so I want her to really know who I am (and what a camera is).  I plan to take pictures of her every time I see her, so prepare yourself for an overload!  I won't quit until mom and dad says "Hannah....that's enough!" :-)  I still can't get over that hair!

 Newborn Photographer Wellsburg WV
 Newborn Photography Wellsburg WV

At first, I had Jenna put her hand there to comfort this little one.  Believe it or not, she wasn't really feeling having her picture taken.  Jenna and I have always made a great team though.  Between mom's calm mentality and my "mom bounce", we managed to get her back to sleep.  I ended up liking the look of the hand in comparison to her tiny body, so I had Jenna place her hand on her back on the other side, as well (all while holding my reflector and acting as assistant!) 

 Wellsburg WV Photographer Newborn

This one below may not be as "posed", but that's because it wasn't.  This is honest to goodness sweetness!

 Wellsburg WV Wedding and Newborn Photographer