My Cousins are Growing Up!

It's true!  My cousins, Abbey and Matthew, are growing up!  It's so crazy to me.  I don't feel old...but I most certainly remember that they hadn't even started school when my husband and I first started dating......14+ years ago. Now, here they are - all grown up and going to prom.  Matthew graduated last year, but he took his girlfriend, Caroline, to prom.  Isn't that sweet?!  I didn't get any pictures of Caroline though...WAAAAA!!!! :-(  She wasn't there and it started to rain before I could get a chance to snap any.  Photo session in their future!

I can only hope that my children will be as close as these two are!  I swear, I've never seen them fight or even bicker for any length of time!

I'd like to title this next picture....."How did my life come to this?!" HA!

Strike a pose.....and she did! WOW!

You know...sometimes I'm a really tired mom and I see pictures and think crazy things.  In this case, I thought "This looks like a sorcerer picture.  I think I need to put some magic in her hand!".   So, here's a little photoshop fun!

Here's a little flash back to last fall when we did the most amazing senior picture shoot EVER!  Here's two of the fan favorites!

I hope you all enjoyed these!  Happy Monday, everyone!