The D. Family & a 1st Birthday!

Meet the D. family!  This little guy is turning one!  He is a sweet, sweet, little boy, that's for sure!  His mom made that banner!  Isn't it adorable?!  I'm totally looking back and wishing I would have done all this cute stuff for my kids!  At least they'll have great pictures, right?!

Here are some of my favorites! Enjoy!

 1st Birthday Photo Mickey Mouse Wellsburg, WV

I am just loving this picture below!  So cute!

 1st Birthday Photo Wellsburg, WV

It was a little bit of a struggle to get these shots, but we did!  I love traditions like these!

 1st Birthday Photo Wellsburg, WV ONE

Family pictures in an apple orchard?  YES, PLEASE!

 Family Photography Wellsburg, WV
 Family Photos in Apple Orchard Wellsburg, WV
 1st Birthday Photos in Apple Orchard

We did take some nursing pictures after those shots and before the smash cake, but to preserve the intimacy of that moment and those precious memories, I chose to keep those pictures private.

Now, it's SMASH CAKE TIME!  Mom made the cake too!!  I was loving it.  My son did this same thing.  He decided to first eat the cake with only his mouth before touching it with his hands.  It didn't take long though!  He had it all over him in no time!!!

 1st Birthday Mickey Smash Cake Photos Wellsburg, WV
 Mickey Mouse Smash Cake 1st Birthday Photo

Happy birthday, buddy!!!

*I also want to take a moment to thank this family for letting us use their property!  You know who you are! :-) THANK YOU SO MUCH!*