Professional Images - Artistic Director | Bethel Park, PA

Happy Sunday, everyone!  This guy probably looks familiar.  He's a good friend of mine and is also my best friend's husband and niece's daddy!  Ok, she's not biologically my niece, but I sure love her sooooo much!  Anyway, this family is very special to me!  So, when Ryan told me he needed some head shots, I was game!  Any excuse to visit these people is a GREAT excuse!  Ryan is the Artistic Director of Voces Solis.  You can that find information HERE.

These photos were taken at Christ United Methodist Church in Bethel Park, PA.  It's a beautiful church!!!  I just love the sanctuary.  You can check out their website out HERE.  I had a total photographer drool moment when I walked in!  Maybe one day I'll get to do a wedding there!  It'd be so pretty!!!!

Of course, I couldn't JUST do head shots.  I had to sneak in some of my own style of photos.  Thanks for putting up with me, Ryan!


Frequently, I'll learn something new at my sessions.  This day I learned there's an actual thing called the "piano lean", so I made Ryan do it, of course!  Later, I was talking to a photographer friend.  She's super musical too and she informed me most musicians have a particular pose or lean that goes along with their instrument.  Who knew?! She said some are more flattering than others.  I think the piano lean is pretty cool!  Now that I'm typing this, I'm realizing that I've never seen Ryan play the piano.  I think that he does (apparently I'm a terrible friend too).  He does, however, have an amazing voice!  Hopefully my little niece will inherit that gene.  If she doesn't, she can just participate in car concerts with me!  They're terrible!!!!! :-)  I'm tone deaf!

Another nice piano lean with some amazing lights in the background!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful last week of August!  Fall is coming!!!