St. Clairsville, Ohio Family Session |Hannah Barlow Photography

Happy FRIDAY, everyone!

I've got a big and highly anticipated wedding this weekend but I couldn't not blog these awesome families before I got swamped again!  About a month ago, I did a high school senior session that caught some attention and then a sweet lady contacted me and said "Hey, I know about a sunflower field and I want family photos there, if possible".  It's like a photographer's DREAM EMAIL! For real!  I couldn't wait to get these done and it turns out she's a nurse too and we used to work together (different departments though).  "It's a smalllll world affffter all!" Sing it!

So, we set it up and made it happen!! The original day we planned for called for rain so we moved it up in the week to get a better chance of clear skies...the sunflowers weren't going to wait, that's for sure!  It was a PERFECT night!

OooO my goodness!! Check them out!

This family below actually owns the property and field and is the brother of the sweet lady who hired me! He was kind enough to not only let me (and his sister and niece and nephew) use his property but he even insisted on meeting me so I could follow him to the destination (St. Clairsville is A MESS of construction right residents know what I'm talking about).

Of course, I needed to snap these of his beautiful family as a "thank you" ANDDDDDDDD I may have bartered a bit to be able to come back and use this field again....maybe with a couple?!  OoOooO yes!!  YES, PlEASE!  A couple dancing in a sunflower field....OOOo come on!  It'll be "to die for"!!! 


Here are some of my favorites!


This one below is one of my favorites of them!

And here she is...the woman who let me in on the secret of the beautiful, sunflower field!  She's so sweet and has the most cooperative children!  Check them out!! Cuteness overload!  These photos were SO easy!

Brother, sister, sister-in-law, and cousins!! Grandma is going to LOVE these photos below!

...and here is the sunflower field!! Her clothing choices were just perfect for everyone!!!  The light was was all great!! Not to mention everyone was so laid back and we just took our time and enjoyed ourselves! 

With sun like this, you HAVE to play around a little bit!

At the end of the shoot, we let the kids run....litereally!! Check out how fun these are!

I hope you all enjoyed!  I can't wait to go back (hopefully) one day!!!

Have a great weekend, everyone!