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Hi, everyone!

Gosh, it feels strange not blogging all the time but I'll admit it is nice to have a little break and take my time editing and blogging! So YAY!  Here's another amazing couple I'd like you meet!  

Meet Erica an Doug!  They are the newest couple to be in front of my camera!

We lucked out.  It was a warmer January day so we weren't rushing and we got to take our time and enjoy the fresh air!  These two are definitely a "no fuss" couple!!  They're weren't particular.  They weren't picky.  They just let me do my thing and stood and smiled and looked happily in love!! See it?!  All my couples seem to be like this anymore!  I'm a lucky gal!

You all know I love stone and brick and any and all architecture that creates amazing lines and eye candy!


Seriously, they're the cutest...aren't they?!  I love these pictures below!


Then, we did the "must have" walking and snuggling and walking!


I found this amazing doorway and just HAD to have a photo of them in it...with "deadish" foliage, of course!  You know me!


Then, I had them do some dancing!

...and found another amazing doorway during their outfit change!! I promptly placed them there when they returned!

...and had them do some more walking and snugling and walking...because...WHY NOT?!  They nailed it the first time!

To add some spice and variety, I had them stand by some green!  I love how everything frames them!!  These two are so easy to photograph!! They did so great! 

THIS one may just be my favorite!! I don't know what it is...but I love everything about it!


Here's a few more wider angle shots and the grand finale!  I had Doug spin Erica at the last minute and it was magical!! EEEEKKKK!


I will be lucky enough to be photographing their Wheeling, WV wedding this summer in June at the Capitol Theatre and I am just SO EXCITED!! EEEEKKKKKKK!  Don't forget to check back!  You're not going to want to miss it!