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When searching for your wedding photographer, I know it's really easy to forget we're all just simple beings like you!  Yep, I'm a wedding photographer and I have big shoes to fill on any wedding day, but I assure you I work just like anyone else.  I take my job very seriously, but I also like to have fun.  There would be absolutely no way to enjoy a 12+ hour wedding day and capture beautiful images without having some fun and getting creative.  So, here's some behind the scenes shots with their respective finished images.  

**All photos of me are compliments of Colleen Ingram.  She was my second shooter at this wedding!**


Styling details can be difficult.  All brides tend to have the same details as they're the requirements to complete the bridal, garters, jewelry, dress, and veil.  It's important I make sure each bride's details look unique and shine!  I MUST get creative.  Don't worry, I always ask permission before I move and, most importantly, stand on any furniture.  The staff at the Hampton Inn in Wheeling, WV were kind enough to let me stand on their table for a minute. :-)  I also make sure everything is put back where I left it after I am finished!  So, if I come in on your wedding day and start rearranging an entire room, don't fret or think I'm nuts!! You'll never even know I was there when I'm finished! I promise!

Wheeling, WV Wedding Details
Wheeling, WV Wedding Photography Details

I am an opportunist.  There was beautiful light coming in to this window in the lobby.  There also happened to be no guests in the lobby!! So, I took a minute, set things up, and shot some beautiful images!

Wheeling, WV Wedding Photography

Ok...disclaimer time.  You see that beautiful picture below on the left?  We faked it.  Yep, we sure did!  Here's the thing about guys and grooms, they don't typically love to have a ton of pictures taken and they most certainly don't want to be responsible for the finer details.  I know that and I don't blame them!! I totally love doing this kind of thing and I'm not about to rain on their party and force them to take a ton of pictures (unless they want to, of course).  I'm not going to lie.  I LOVE when grooms get into picture time!  Anyway, I asked this best man to pretend he was pinning the boutonniere.  I quickly snapped the shot, put down my camera, and pinned it for real.  I'd rather those puppies be secure and take the pressure off the guys!.  As you can see, we had a good laugh over it!  It's all about having fun, being comfortable together, and having an overall good time!  Aside from taking pictures, I am a pro at delivering flowers, pinning boutonnieres, bustling name it, I've probably put my camera down and done it!

Wheeling, WV Wedding
Wheeling, WV Wedding Photographer

During ceremonies, I do my best to stay out of the guests' view.  I want them to be stuck in the moment between the couple, not paying attention to what I'm doing!

Oglebay Formal Gardens Wedding Photography

Alright, let's get serious.  If the groomsmen want to hold the bride, they've got to have a plan!! Here I was giving them instructions.  I applaud the one groomsman for taking this very seriously! HA!

Oglebay Wedding Photography

I hope you enjoyed this!  Let's get together and talk about other things that happen behind the scenes!  There's so much that goes into photographing a wedding successfully and I've got just the plan!