Q: Do you offer different package options?

A: Yes.  I offer three different collection options.  The base collection starts at $2000.

Q: How many hours of coverage are included in your packages?

A:  My collections include a 8-12 hour options depending on the collection you choose.  Additional hours may be added for an additional charge.

Q: Do you have a second shooter?

A:  I do not employ a dedicated, independent second shooter.  I do, however, have an amazing, dedicated assistant who volunteers her time and accompanies me to most weddings.  She is absolutely awesome and has quickly become a vital part of the Hannah Barlow Photography experience!  She also second shoots during the wedding reception.  I will, however, hire an exclusive second shooter for your big day for an additional charge if that's something you wish to include in your collection choice!  In most cases and as a personal preference, I prefer having my assistant present rather than a second shooter.  I am completely confident shooting by myself and find having a dedicated assistant who knows my routine, wishes, and style to be more useful that another independent photographer.  This also guarantees a more consistent wedding gallery that reflects my own visions and style while incorporating everything that has been discussed leading up to the wedding.  Because every photographer has his or her own vision, style of shooting, and equipment, I can never guarantee a second shooter's shots will reflect my own style even though we always do our best to meet the mark!  Generally, an assistant is overall a more practical choice over another photographer, but the decision is solely up to you.  We can definitely discuss this even further!! Don't be afraid to ask about your options!

Q: How far will you travel?

A: Packages include coverage for areas in the Ohio Valley including West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania (including the Pittsburgh area).  Farther distances can be accommodated but may require an additional charge for travel time and lodging.

Q: Will I get all the digital images on a CD?

A: Yes, you will get all finished, edited jpeg images but not on a CD.  CD's have gone out of style!  You will receive your gallery along with a print release on a personalized, USB drive.

Q: Can I print my own images?

A: Yes.  The print release gives you permission to print your own photos.  However, I highly recommend and encourage my clients to order their images through my business as my computer is specifically calibrated to match the colors of my professional lab.  All printing companies differ in color, consistency, and quality.  I am not responsible for images printed through any lab but my own.

Q: Do you edit and retouch your images?

A: Absolutely!  Unlike many photographers in our area, I edit every single image myself. Each image in your gallery is processed, hand edited, and retouched for color quality and consistency.  I want your images to be the best they can be so editing them myself is extremely important to me.  I simply don't trust anyone else to do it! 

Q: My church doesn't allow flash photography.  Are you comfortable in low light situations?

A: Yes! I own cameras and lenses that allow me to shoot in low light locations.

Q:  I'm concerned about lighting at the reception.  What equipment do you use?

A: As mentioned above, I have camera bodies and lenses that allow me to shoot in low light.  Additionally, I use four top of the line external flashes which allow me to shoot with one flash on my camera and additional ones on light stands.  That's important when I'm wanting to capture your wedding guests on the dance floor!  If Uncle Joe is going to do the worm, I want to catch him doing just that!

Q:  My DJ is using colored lights.  I don't want people to be red and green on the dance floor.

A:  That's NO problem!  Any experienced photographer will know how to use camera flash to completely remove those flashing, colored lights from the subjects.  It's just a matter of knowledge, experience, and technique and we have it down pat!  Don't worry though...we ALWAYS preserve that beautiful uplighting on the walls to give your photos an extra "pow"!

Q: What about an engagement session?

A: All packages include a complimentary engagement session.  I find these sessions are important not only to get some amazing pictures before the big day, but also for us to get to know each other.  I'm going to spend the whole wedding day with you.  It's nice if we feel comfortable together and know how to work together prior to the stress of the wedding day.  An engagement session gives us the opportunity to learn a lot about one another!

Q: I don't need an engagement session.  Can I receive a discount?

A: No.  The engagement session is complimentary and it cannot be credited, refunded, or transferred.  As mentioned above, this session is extremely important to me.  Even in the event that you do not need engagement pictures, I usually insist we meet up anyway to get to know one another.  We may as well take pictures too, right?!

Have another question not covered here?  Never hesitate to ask me!