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My Style

Hiring your wedding photographer can be one of the most daunting tasks of wedding planning.  I know it and I get it!  Why should you choose me?  Well, I'd love to say that every bride should choose me!  I'll be completely honest though.  A bride and her photographer should have the same style and taste.  I tend to love more candid posing, basic, less cluttered locations, and clean editing and processing.  So, if you're loving what you're seeing, let's chat!  I'd love to talk to you about your wedding and what I can do for you!  Sometimes Googling a venue and hearing the finer details is all I need to do to start envisioning what I can do to create those captivating images of your big day!

Wheeling, WV Wedding Suspension Bridge Photo

Weddings are at the very top of my list!  

I love them!  

I can't get enough of them!  

If I could do a wedding every weekend of the year, I totally would!

I like my pictures to be honest.  The pictures in your finished gallery should (and will) reflect the true you!  People close to you should look at your photos and see the love story and uniqueness of your personalities they know so well.  Strangers should look at your photographs and be drawn in even though they don't know you two personally.  The love between my two subjects should shine!  I want your story to be told through my camera in a way that is not forced... but honest!

  I'm not one to coerce my couples into uncomfortable, foreign poses or ask them to do things that aren't natural to them.  My style is very relaxed and I like to have fun!  I may (and most likely will) initially suggest a pose for my couple, but I stop there.  I let my couples put their own twist on things and I wait until that perfect moment happens before I press the shutter.  I laugh and joke....a lot, because it makes my couples giggle and smile.  If they're relaxed and enjoying themselves, they'll look and feel like themselves in their photos.  That's my ultimate goal!  Props?  I don't use them very often.  I prefer my photos to be all about the couple.  Fancy backgrounds and props only distract viewers, in my opinion.  My photos are all about the two subjects and their love story.  With that being said, I'm here for you.  If you have an idea, a unique story, or a prop you absolutely just love, I encourage you to most certainly bring it!!  The bottom line? In the end, these are your photos and I want you to love them because they reflect the true you!  Just because an idea doesn't exactly match my style doesn't mean we won't run with it and make it an amazing image!  I'm open to all thoughts and ideas!  No couple's gallery should be the same anyway!

I also understand that planning a wedding can be very overwhelming and having hundreds of vendors to choose from can make narrowing the list down rather difficult.  I have different packages and options to choose from starting at $2000.  Feel free to contact me or click the "Request a Wedding Packet" button above.  I will send my wedding packet to you with all the information you will need to help make your decision easier.  In addition, you can view more photos in the wedding gallery under the wedding tab above or contact me for a larger portfolio to review.  Let's talk weddings!